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​                    Alexander Roitburd's  "Skovoroda ​in the garden of divine songs" (2017)

                                   ABOUT THE IDEA OF THE STAGE PERFORMANCE AND THE CONCERT...

  On December 3rd 2022, it will be 300 years since the birth of the Ukrainian poet-philosopher Hryhoriy Skovoroda. He is known as the first great Ukrainian poet-philosopher of our time. Skovoroda traveled through Ukraine in his time, studying in Europe, writing and teaching poetry in Old Slavonic, Latin and Greek. Our international team creates a theater-like concert-performance based on Skovoroda's collection of poems "The Garden of Divine Songs". The collection of poems itself poses deep questions about human life and man's relationship with God and quotes from both the Bible and old Ukrainian poems. Skovoroda's philosophical poems are being worked into a performance in the forms of newly composed music and text interpretation, making Skovoroda well-known abroad Ukraine. Polish composer Maciej Rychly composed ten pieces, each of which opens up Skovoroda's inner world through music and text. Ukrainian opera singer Volodymyr Andrushchak interprets Polish compositions in Ukrainian and Old Slavonic. Musician Vsevolod Sadovyj supports the musical world of the sung piece by playing e.g. percussions, wind instruments, bells, cymbaly (Ukrainian traditional instrument) and janggu (Korean traditional drum). The main questions of the work are the existence of man, his relationship with himself, his God and the universe. The work of the working group is divided into Poland, Finland and Ukraine. Both the presentations during the process and the final performances are planned to take place in all three countries. In the final piece, we hear and see Andrushchak as Skovoroda interpreting the poems written by Skovoroda and composed by Rychly. The world of Skovoroda also opens up to the listener through music played by Sadovyj. Each poem in itself deals with a specific question related to human life, from the little boys joy of life towards the wisdom and brightness of an old man. In the challenges of this journey, we wrestle content-wise and musically through all the colors of life. We bring to this day and age the timeless reflection on the spiritual seeking through different stages of life.


Concert version "The Garden of Divine Songs"

24.11.2022 Masku church 6.00 pm, Finland

25.11.2022 Lemu church 6.00pm, Finland

26.11.2022 Askainen church 6pm, Finland

The premiere of the theatrical version"The Garden of Divine Songs"

3./4.12.2022 Centrum Kultury Zamek Poznan, Poland

Centrum Kultury Zamek 30.7.2022 

Presentation in Maskutalo 10.8.2022 at 8.00pm

Kyiv January 2022


Pereyaslav January 2022 Museum of Skovoroda


Kyiv January 2022 The National Academy of Science



Tammikuu-toukokuu 2022

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The Town of Masku in Finland is supporting our project by offering us rehearsal space to practice in a beautiful Maskutalo; old cultural centre build in 1924, which is located in the heart of the town. We are sharing this wonderful space with culture- and sport activities offered to the local communities.

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